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Activity Groups: Participate - Volunteer - Have Fun!

Convenor: Colleen Wilson-Dick

Looking for companions for a one-off outing? Want to meet others for a game of tennis or a walk?
Check out the MEET-UPs page....

Activity Sign-up...

Although the Activity eFair is over, sign-up is still open for most groups!

Assumption of Risk:

Please be advised that all events and activities of the Beaver Valley PROBUS Club are organized for the benefit and enjoyment of its Members. Individuals who participate do so at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

The full Waiver and Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement that every member agrees to when applying for membership or during membership renewal, can also be found in the Activity Guidelines section below. There is a separate Waiver and Assumption of Risk Form for Guests, which needs to be filled out and signed by the Guest in advance, once Guests are permitted to join our activities again. 

PROBUS Emergency Contact Card

You can download a personalized Emergency Contact Card by logging in and clicking on My Profile.
If you are unable to login, a generic card can be downloaded by clicking on the image to the left.
Please make sure to carry this card with you during Activity Group outings, as it has important contact information in case of emergency.

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