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Walking Soccer

 Meet Day:  Tuesdays, weekly
 Location:  Tomahawk Fields
 Time: 10:00 AM
 Status:  Open to new participants 
 Coordinator:   Nancy Dixon
 Head Referee:   Thomas Paech
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Videos: Check out the short videos of the Walking Soccer @ the Summer Picnic! (courtesy of Peter Edwards! )

New in 2023: 26 members had so much fun playing Walking Soccer @ the Summer Picnic, that we decided to continue through the summer and fall, if enough people are interested! 

The idea is to play one morning each week, at Tomahawk Soccer Fields. The fields aren't busy in the mornings and are a convenient location for most. A survey that went out indicated Tuesday was the best day, but we will be flexible with the weather.

No soccer experience necessary! This is meant to be a fun activity—not competitive at all. We play 6 or 7 each side (including goalie). We can have double the number with continuous, unlimited substitutions, especially when its hot. 

There are some very simple rules we have adopted:

  • Absolutely NO RUNNING (so hard to do...)
  • No contact (touching, pushing) 
  • No hands on the ball (only the goalie) 
  • Stay out of the goalie box (except the goalie) 
  • There is no offside rule! (best rule ever)
  • Ball should not go more than waist-high 
  • You can substitute players at any time 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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