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Casual Dining with Friends

*Consolidation of the "Casual Dining and "Dining with Friends/Flair" Activity Groups
 Meet Day:  4th Thursday Monthly
 Location:  Members' homes
 Time:  6:00 pm
 Status:  New participants welcome
 Coordinators: Sallie KedwellShellie Smith
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2022 was an exciting year for our newly consolidated group and things moved along as planned. We met at individual host homes during the months of May through February, with the exception of the summer months and December. In July and August we enjoyed pot luck picnics outdoors with the entire group, and in December we had a cocktail party for our whole group as well. We have a large number of participants registered, but find our usual monthly dinners are in the 30 to 35 range - meeting in groups of 6, 8 or occasionally 10, as organized by the committee. We plan our dinners for the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM.

The host prepares the main dish for each event and the guests participate in the meal by providing an appetizer, a salad, a vegetable dish or a dessert of their choice, as requested by the host. The guests also bring their preferred beverages and all in all the evenings are fun, relaxed and not too much effort for anyone. The host, other than the usual dust and vac, sets the table, provides the table settings and does the post cleanup‚—aren’t we glad most of us have dishwashers! It is expected that each regular participant will take a turn at hosting at least twice throughout the fall, winter, or spring months. The committee will organize the summer pot luck picnics and the December cocktail party.

If this sounds interesting to you we would love to have you join our group!

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