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Snowshoeing Slideshow - 2021

These photos were taken during snowshoeing group outings in February 2021!

8 members of the Snowshoe Group finished a wonderful "hike" around the Margaret Paul Side Trail on March 3.
Some of the masked "hikers"!
... a short break by a waterfall!
Another beautiful view on the Margaret Paul Sidetrail...
7 members of the snowshoeing group met for their 4th session on Feb 17 at Enchanted Forest.
There was lots of lovely fresh snow, but a chilly -8.
Th group followed the Enchanted Forest trail to the top of Alpine Ski Club, where the downhill skiers were enjoying one of their first days on the hills...
The snowshoeing group (led by Barb this week) met for their 3rd session on Feb 10 at Webwood Falls, on the 25th Sideroad.
It was a very chilly -9, but everyone was bundled up!
There were 3 groups of socially-distanced snowshoers...
The sun came out and the group enjoyed some lovely scenery along the brook.
The frozen falls were spectacular...
Everyone took turns on the lookout deck to take in the views.
The Snowshoeing Group met for Session 2 at the Clendenan Dam in Clarksburg on Feb 3.
A socially distanced group of 5 and another group of 4, took to the trails around Clendenan Conservation area.
It was a beautiful day, but luckily not too crowded.
Group 1 led by Caroline kept a fast pace!
Group 2 opted for a slightly more leisurely pace!
Group 2 leader Sandy T had some helpful hints for those less experienced with snowshoeing.
Barb T demonstrates the “heels in” downward climb on a rather steep hill.
There were some rather low branches to duck under, along the path.
A previous passer-by carved a face into the snow on a tree….
There were some spectacular views of the Beaver River...

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