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Winter Slideshow 2024

This album is a collection of photos submitted by members during the Winter of 2024.

Red-headed Woodpecker - Rare for this location and time of the year. Submitted by Lucie D
Red-headed Woodpecker - An uncommon breeder in this area. Submitted by Lucie D
Common Merganser female—a diving duck with pretty awesome hairdo. Submitted by Lucie D
Mallard male, a dabbler with beautiful iridescent green head. Photo by Lucie D
Mallard female, a dabbler with white feathers in the tail. Photo by Lucie D
Stunning Cedar Waxwing feeding on Common Buckthorn berries. Photo by Lucie D
American Robin, some birds overwinter in the area where food is available. Feeding on Common Buckthorn berries. Photo by Lucie D
Partial leucistic American Goldfinch among Common Buckthorn berries. Photo by Lucie D
Northern Cardinal male waiting for his turn at the feeder. Photo by Lucie D
Mourning Dove puffing up to stay warm during wintertime. Photo by Lucie D
Majestic Bald Eagle on guard. Males and females look identical. Photo by Lucie D
Northern Pintail Male. Photo by Brian C.
Redheads. Photo by Brian C.
Hooded Mergansers (Female). Photo by Brian C
Wishing for winter - submitted by Kirby P.
Thornbury Harbour - submitted by Heather B
Winter wonderland - submitted by Ilene RC

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