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Winter Slideshow 2021-2022

This album is a collection of photos submitted by members during the Winter of 2021/22.

Lucie D shared this photo of a Pileated Woodpecker
Louis C took this photo of Ilene on a very scenic hike near the Enchanted Forest.
Lucie D took this photo of the icy shore...
A lovely day to ski at Blue - shared by Heather B.
Bayview Park Thornbury
Loree Forest shadows - shared by Sandy T
Sunset from the deck - shared by Sandy T
Morning sun - from Nancy D's backyard!
Crisp snow, a bright blue sky, and some tracks...shared by Heather B
Deer in the backyard - shared by Lucie D
Snowy Owl - - shared by Lucie D
Red-bellied Woodpecker - shared by Lucie D
Mallard female - shared by Lucie D
Common Goldeneye - shared by Lucie D
Mute Swan - shared by Lucie D
Northern Cardinal - shared by Lucie D
Downy Woodpecker - shared by Lucie D
Stormy day on Christie Beach - shared by Lucie D
Sunrise from Nancy D's backyard!
Early morning sun - shared by Nancy D
A Winter Wonderland photo taken by Vicki K...
Vicki K shared this amazing photo of a sunset over the bay through the trees, taken by a friend.
Vicki k also shared the following photos - On the ski lift at "Blue"....
Scenic view of the ski hills...
Sunset on the hills...
Fireworks from Rick Mercer’s New Years Eve show at Blue Mtn, taken from the TV. Shared by Vicki K
Tracks on the fresh snow - taken by Heather B
The cliffs near Meaford... shared by Heather B
Lakecicle - submitted by Lucie D
Thornbury Marina - photo taken by Lucie D
Bouchard Island from Christie Beach - photo taken by Lucie D
Winter Wonderland - submitted by Lucie D
Happy Fellow - photo by Lucie D
Another winter scene submitted by Lucie D.

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