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Winter -  Slideshow 2020-21

This album is a collection of photos submitted by members  in December 2020 through February 2021.

Caroline B shared this view from the top of her trek near Craigleith.
This open plowed track is for skiiers and snowshoers going between Alpine Ski Club and Craigleith Ski Club.
This is a photo taken durig Caroline B's "trekking", where she attempted to break a path towards Craigleith... Looks like very hard work!
Vicki K shared a photo of a recent socially-distanced snowshoeing excursion with fellow Probus members Cheryl, Marty, Annie & Kathy.
...and some beautiful winter scenes...
Valentines Day along the Blue Mountain Trail, shared by Vicki K.
Pictured here is an amazing piece of Ice Art by Vicki K.
Terry K taken near the top of Blue Mountain.
A wonderful winter scene shared by Vicki K
Smart Alec ski run shared by Vicki K
Some more lovely winter scenes....
Another look from the top of Blue Mountain...
To the base.... Shared by Vicki K.
A wonderful winter scene shared by Chris R.
These are hard times for bunnies when the snow is deep. This one is thankful that the chickadees carelessly spill seed from the feeder. Chris R
Peter E was able to capture this photo of a lovely snowy owl on January 8 in his neighbourhood!
This picture was taken by Vicki K on Dec 22, 4th day of skiing at Blue Mountain. White snow, green fairways, various blues in the bay, the lighthouse and ominous clouds
Joanne S shared this wonderful photo of Meaford Harbour, taken on Christmas day.
Joanne also shared this photo of Toboggan Hill...
Memorial Park winter splendour shared by Joanne S.
Joanne also shared this photo of the Big Head River running through Meaford.
Winter on the Georgian Trail...
More winter shots along the Georgian Trail...
Caroline B took a photo of the breathtaking view while snowshoeing atop the Craigleith ski hill.
Heather B took shared the view through her laundry room window.
Interesting clouds along the escapement, as viewed from Heather B's backyard.

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