Beaver Valley Probus Club

Beating the Self-isolation Blues!

Our members are finding new ways to keep their spirits high during the pandemic...
Please let us know how you are managing the new reality!

Send your photos to Heather Buscher, BVPC Webmaster!

Dennis and Joanne K enjoying a hike on the Bruce Trail!
Can you find the tiny baby bunny on the lawn of Marie & John B's?
Garden by Moonlight - submitted by Carol H
The garden of John and Carol H - before the weeds!
Carol H sent in this photo of John and Purrcy! What would we do without our animals???
Karen C’s husband and daughter enjoy teasing their lovely, tolerant Pug-Boston mix.
Seija W has picked up crocheting again and has enjoyed having her fingers busy. She has made little doilies etc. to use them as Christmas presents later!
Caroline B. and her helper David, have replanted some of their rock garden this Spring!
Karen C was sorting through old clothes, kept from her daughter's preschool days. Her daughter decided the sweater her granny made her, was better suited to Delphine!
This week is the time to forage for the Mighty Morel - Karen C
Incubating.... Svelta L
Svetla L has completed another summer sweater – just in time for the warmer weather!
Ilene C has started to bake a ‘challah’ or braided egg bread on Fridays.
Lee H's new best friend is his chainsaw and he has decided to try his hand at tree sculpting???
Simonne V has been painting flowers in water colours which is extremely challenging.
Simonne has made 10 incredible paintings already during this difficult period.
Another wonderful watercolor by Simonne H!
With all this spare time, Svetla L has finished a beautiful summer cardigan. Summer IS coming, right?
Martin B is learning the lumberjack trade - trying to banish the invasive Buckthorn species!
Chris R has more time to hone his photography skills. The cottontail rabbit outside his window is thinking "Yippee! Dandelion Season!
The Northern Flicker has been very busy eating ants on the lawn. Chris wishes he could get him to switch to dandelions....
The American Goldfinch (and several others) has been a steady customer at the feeders - Chris R
Enjoying the first signs of Spring - Susan J
Vicki and Terry K had their first convertible drive with take-out lunch from The Mill, eaten in the car at Thornbury Harbour. They are also took advantage of the good weather to bike around The Blue Mountains!
Caroline B. has learned how to sew again - and is making masks for friends and family!
Heather B's spring cleaning unearthed some old puzzles. The hours of concentration are somehow soothing...
Joanne S is keeping busy in isolation - by learning to paint!
Here is another wonderful piece by Joanne S!
Diane and Robert M are cat people and thought this would be a good time to adopt! Their 8-week old kittens are brother and sister and tend to fight like siblings - plenty of entertainment to be had...
The Computer Group is now meeting virtually - this is the 3rd Zoom meeting so far! Some learning and fun is had by all!
Any port in a storm! - Tom P
Even Nancy D's sheltie "Lacey" is getting in on the self-isolating action!
Like so many folks, John H has started baking. The bagels are even better than they look. You can find the recipe from the new Recipe Corner on homepage!

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