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Membership Renewals - Frequently Asked Questions

    Important  Note: Please do not mail a cheque!  We have moved to a new online payment system and are no longer able to accept cheques for renewal. 

    We really appreciate members trying the renewal online. But if you have any difficulties, please just give anyone on the Help Team a call.  We can enter your credit card information for you over the phone and complete your renewal on the spot.

    Our club is so large, it became almost impossible to manage renewals by mail-in cheques - and that was before the pandemic!  We moved to an online payment system last year to eliminate the reams of paper and intensive handling of forms and personal cheques by our volunteers.  Thank you for your understanding!

  1. What should I do if I didn't receive the renewal email? 
    • Couples membership: Only one person in the couple received the renewal email and invoice on Dec 1, to pay for both members. Ask your significant other to check their Dec 1 email and login to pay.  The membership system assigned one person in the couple to receive the invoice. If you wish to receive and pay the invoice instead, just email or contact a member of the renewal help team who can easily make this change for you!
    • Check spam, junk or promotions folder. It is not uncommon that emails with images and links get interpreted as spam by the different email providers. Please check your junk or spam folders to find the Dec 1 renewal email and mark it as "safe" or send to your Inbox.  Gmail users have found that Beaver Valley Probus Club emails often go to their Promotions tab. Gmail users click here to see instructions on how to get rid of the default Promotions Tab. 
  2. I have never done any online payments before. Are there any "tips" that could help me? 
    • Use a computer/laptop rather than a phone, so error messages are easier to see. 
    • Don't put any spaces between the digits in the credit card number or the in the phone number.
    • Make sure the Name in the credit card details matches the name on the credit card. For Couples membership the "bundle administrator's" name is populated by default. You may need to change it to match the name on the credit card if your partner's card is being used.
    • Fill out all the fields, as they are all mandatory, including phone number. You will need to fill out your address because there is no connection between our membership database and the payment company.
    •  If you get prompted to save your credit card details, say no. We recommend against this.

  3. I am logged in but I can't see the invoice to pay. Where can I find it?

  4. What if I am not going to renew?
    •  Please let us know if you are not renewing your membership. It will help us plan and manage our waitlist. We can stop the reminder emails and you can still keep up with what is going on in our club, through the newsletters and photos on the website.  
  5. I am still having trouble, who can I call for help?
    • If you have any questions, please email or call on any of the Help Team listed below. We are very happy to help!  

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