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Hiking Slideshow July - October 2022

This album is a collection of photos taken by members of the Hiking Activity Group in July - October 2022.

October 24, 2022 Last Hike at Blue Mountain with the best gang ever!
The Kellars' desk notorious for great after hiking parties. What a great day!
September 23 - Dennis let 15 hikers around the Bayview Escarpment Trails
September 13 - Woodford Escarpment hike led by Dennis K. Photos by Jim K
Dennis K lead the hikers at Woodford Escarpment on 09/13/22
Our hikers love the forest
The forest with a karst formation (water flowing from rock area) as explained by VK
Also spotted the rare, walking fern, Northern Holly, bulblet, polypody and maidenhair spleenwart ferns. Thanks Dennis!
Great Hike Dennis!
Aug 31 Robert Burcher leads our Hiking group thru Trout Hollow recounts of John Muir's early days.
Robert Burcher certainly knows his area.
Our hiking group enjoys the history of John Muir by Robert Burcher
What a wonderful opportunity to get first hand information about Trout Hollow.
Aug. 31 Hike to Trout Hollow, John Muir's stamping grounds. Photo by Ilene R.
August 23 - Ilene and Louis let a hike around Clendenan Dam.
July 22 - Nottawasaga Lookout Hike (photo submitted by Maureen H)
Tight squeeze
I can see an opening, follow me.
Amazing the trees survive in the rocks. Beautiful.
On July 16, the group met for a hike around Jones Falls. There was a rocky descent on the Memorial Forest Side Trail.
Twelve intrepid hikers went out in the woods today.
the group walked beneath beautiful rugged cliffs
Here is a perspective to the size of this rock face...
Exploring the falls
Note the huge overhang in the top right of the photo.
Taking a break...
Betty Boop was at Elsie's Diner after the hike!
An old fashioned juke-box at Elsie’s Diner. The 50s memorabilia initiated many memories from our youth - cherry cokes, root beer floats, 45 and 78 rpm records.
A group shot at Elsie's Diner!
A small but enthusiastic contingent of the hiking group met on July 7 for the postponed "Walters Falls Hike", led by Sandy T.
The group saw beautiful mossed-covered rock walls...
Charmaine and Martin overlooking the tumbling falls. Walter's Falls is an example of a 'plunge' waterfall.
A brief break by a mossy downed tree -- too wet to sit on!

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