Beaver Valley Probus Club

March Activity Fair

These photos were taken during the first in-person Activity Fair in 3 years—March 28, 2023.

Activity Fair March 28, 2023. We are glad to be back!
Book Club Chapter 2. We're glad the Bookclubs are back!
Kirby and Lucie will gladly steer you in the right canoe and kayak.
Kirby has great skills to show you canoers and kayakers!
Friends who love our casual dining group—we have you all covered!
Cocktails and Nibblies is one of our newest efforts to get our members out to enjoy each other. See you there!
Martin is our Computer Guru. Loves to host all type of computer enthusiasts.
Bill McMurray, the nicest R.O.M.E.O of all, is still organizing lunches. If interested contact Romeo Bill!
Recreational Cycling gains lots of new enthusiasts. Get your bikes ready.
Hank has you all covered if you join Dining Around Town. It's so popular!
Terry is the riding E-force behind our new riding group E-Bikes. Non E-bikers also welcome.
Kristine is another new member volunteer starting our Art Group. If you have an interest, sign-up and find your hidden Monet or Picasso.
What? Euchre you say! Sign me up.
Parlez vous Francais? Join Caroline's new French Group.
Bird Watching is back. Call Brian. Bird calls welcome!
Anyone for Golf? New group looking for golfers. Sign-up online.
Hiking is one of our most popular groups. Get those hiking boots out as it won't be long until Vicki cracks the whip.
Our Hiking leaders keep things moving. Last season was extremely well done.
Beverley F and Maureen H were the first 2 hikers at the Fair to volunteer to lead a hike this season and won Bruce Trail bags.
Kirby is popular. I think the photographer may be Lucie.
Mah jongg is very new to us. I am sure we will have a lot of interest in learning thanks to Judy S.
Mah jongg anyone?
Nancy H is in charge of Nordic Pole Walking and wants you all to exchange your books at our meetings. Remember if you leave a book you must take a book.
Kirby Again!
R.O.M.E.O. just for the guys.
Don, as our Social Events chair, was excited to be at his first Activity Fair. Lots going on this coming season. Just check with Don!
Stitch & Bitch had been part of PROBUS since the start. We knit sometimes, bitch most times, but have fun socializing. Come and See.
Pam and Kathy working again. Get those Badges.
Lots of members attended...
See—a great turnout.
We have so many new members.
Thanks to all members and Activity Leaders who made our Activity Fair the best one yet!
Has the Activity Fair gone to the "Birds". We hope so. Bird watching is back!

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