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August Hiking Slideshow

August 31: A small group of hikers, led by Sandy T., took to the trails in the Pretty River area.
Can you spot the white dragon fly that Caroline found?
August 25: Nine hardy hikers reached the high point of the Bruce Trail, 540 metres, on a warm muggy day in the Pretty River Valley Park at the 3 Stages area.
The group enjoyed the views over the escarpment...Shared by Vicki K.
Some more photos of the Pretty River Valley 3 stages walk. Shared by June D.
August 10: Ten members hiked along Bognor Marsh. The hike was led by Dennis K. Photos taken by Maureen H.
July 21: 5 intrepid hikers braved the difficult (at times) climbs to enjoy the crevice caves with leader Vicki K.
Heather & Ron and Charmane and Lindsay are pictured at the standing Rock and after having climbed back out of the caves.

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