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The Master Gardener's Corner - June 2020

June 01, 2020 22:10 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Here are the things to do for your garden in June 2020. Taken from the Ontario Master Gardener Calendar by John Hethrington, Past President, Master Gardeners of Ontario. For more information, or your own copy of the 11” x 17” calendar of the full year’s tips, for a $1 contribution to Master Gardeners, call 519-599-5846.

June 2020
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs, like Forsythia, after flowering.
  • Prune evergreens and hedges, as needed.
  • Stake or cage tomato plants, dahlias, glads and tall perennials, like peonies, and delphiniums.
  • Mulch flower beds 2” to 3” deep to control weeds and conserve moisture.
  • Thin vegetable seedlings and plant successive crops.
  • Plant seeds for flowering cabbage & kale between rows of early vegetables for later transplanting.
  • Seed fast growing flowers like cosmos, calendula, lavatera and marigolds directly in your garden.
  • Move houseplants outside to a protected location. Water well.
  • For my money, June 1st is the earliest to put out tender annuals.
  • Deadhead the blooms and flower stocks of spring bulbs when blooms fade, so the plant won’t waist energy making seeds.
  • Do not remove the foliage of spring bulbs until they fade, flop and turn yellow. The foliage builds bulb strength for next year through photosynthesis.
  • Pinch back late bloomers like mums, snapdragons, asters and dahlias to promote strong, bushy plants.
  • Water garden beds deeply on a regular basis.
  • Weed beds after rain or watering on a regular basis. Don’t let weeds get ahead of you and out of control.
  • Prepare cuttings of perennials, shrubs, roses, etc. for rooting.
Giant Church Plant Sale in Clarksburg is Approved:
St. George’s, the Anglican Parish for the Blue Mountains, will hold Its Annual Plant Sale on Saturday June 20 2020

The giant annual Plant Sale will be held on Saturday June 20 at St. George’s, the Anglican Parish for the Blue Mountains in Clarksburg. The sale has been approved by the Bishop, the Municipality and the Bruce Grey Medical Officer of Health. Strict Covid Crisis Controls will apply, so everyone can be safe. The buying process will take longer, so your patience and co-operation will be appreciated.

It’s the 140th anniversary of this annual summer event. A number of enthusiastic St George’s gardeners have already potted 600 unique perennials, including over 90 named daylilies from a well-known local garden.  The church parking lot at 166 Russell St. E. Clarksburg will open at 7 AM and will continue all day, or until the plants are sold out.

There will be a number of safety precautions and procedures in place. Entry to the grounds will be by automobile only, with a maximum of 20 cars allowed at a time. You will be assigned to your personal St. George’s plant volunteer who will be on the other side of the plant tables. Only 3 customers at a time will be allowed to select (but not touch) the plants they wish to buy. The St. George’s plant volunteer will place your plants on a wagon, take them to your car and place them in your trunk. Special no-contact Covid Service! Payment by CASH ONLY. Please have adequate cash, as change will not be available. Patience and co-operation will be needed by all. But the wait, the quality and the variety of plants available will be well worth any delays.

For more information, please call 519-599-3074.  

John Hethrington, Past President, Master Gardeners of Ontario
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