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July 06, 2020 19:56 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

President's Message
Caroline Bacher

Under normal circumstances we would be enjoying our Annual Picnic outdoors on July 7th!

We would be sitting under a tree or a canopy visiting with friends and chatting with new people. We would perhaps try our hand at games such as, “Corn in the Hole” or “Chipping and Putting”, which were introduced last year. However, the real draw would be Bocce, the most popular activity at the picnic since 2003. You can read about the History of the game of Bocce with the Beaver Valley Probus Club in this newsletter. It is interesting how this game has progressed throughout the years.

The weather has certainly been glorious this week. Summer has finally arrived! I hope that you enjoy some time with your circle of friends and family this summer whether it be having picnics, suppers outside on your patio or walks in the park.

Your Management Committee has been meeting regularly every month since March by Zoom. We will keep you posted on any new developments that may occur over the months of July and August. In the meantime, take good care of yourself and others. Please continue to adhere to the Social Distancing and Hygiene guidelines provided by our Provincial Health Authorities to keep us safe.  

We are still updating the website regularly. Please continue to submit your photos and ideas of how to keep busy. We are looking for pet photos, recipes, internet memes and videos too! Email your submissions to or Heather Buscher.

Social Distancing - Meme of the Month

*Photo and caption submitted by Thomas Paech.

Field Bocce Tournament History

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Beaver Valley Probus Club unfortunately had to cancel the annual Summer Picnic and Bocce Tournament in July. 

The Bocce Tournament really is an important part of our Club history. It was introduced at the Picnic in 2003, by Jim and Sandi Hamilton and has been an annual competition ever since.

And now, Ken Kelley, who has done an amazing job for the last 10 years organizing the Bocce Tournament, needs to pass on the torch for 2021.

If any players are willing to step up to organize for next year, please let Ken know. He is happy to help with the transition, and we certainly have lots of time to plan at the moment!

We would like to thank Ken for all his time and effort that he put in to make Bocce happen over the years,  so that Probus members - both participants and spectators - could enjoy the tournament.

Our Bocce - a Game of Skill?

We play field Bocce, where 16 teams compete and the variables are infinite. In spite of this we have had a number of repeat winners with various partners.

  • Peter & Susan Boehm - 2003, 2015
  • Nancy & Guy Harris - Doreen & Murray Lamont - 2005, 2006, 2008
  • Terry & Merle White - 2009, 2010, 2016, 2017
  • Sharyl & George Peterson - 2013, 2018, 2019
  • Lou & Ward Fowler - 2018, 2019

Memorable Moments

Ken has many wonderful memories of the Bocce tournaments, but the one tournament that stands out in particular, is the summer of 2011. 

"On game day we often have teams who are short players and spectators are recruited to fill in. In 2011 none of Craig Wright’s team were available and three spectators volunteered.  

And the 2011Champions were - Craig Wright, Cathy Seidel, Tom Patterson and Peter Roberts!

Variable conditions and often various partners have proven the skill of multiple Bocce Champions, but on a given day any one of the 16 teams can be a Bocce Champion!"

You can read more details about the history of this event, see our wonderful referees, and the complete list of Champions back to 2003 on our Picnic & Bocce Event webpage. You can also view the slideshows of the 2019 Tournament and 2018 Tournament.

Beaver Valley Probus Club Bocce Champions :

  • 2019 - George & Sharyl Peterson, Lou & Ward Fowler
  • 2018 - George & Sharyl Peterson, Lou & Ward Fowler
  • 2017 - Meryl & Terry White, Jerry Primak, John Hopper
  • 2016 - Meryl & Terry White, Nancy & Jerry Primak
  • 2015 - Peter & Susan Boehm, Cam & Donna Cleary
  • 2014 - Rained out
  • 2013 - Sharyl & George Petterson, Don & Diane Ellis
  • 2012 - Jim & Eileen Scott, Dave & Eileen Robinson
  • 2011 - Craig Wright, Cathy Seidle, Tom Patterson, Peter Roberts
  • 2010 - John & Lynn Corrigan, Terry & Meryl White

Photo Corner - Video Edition

Beaver Valley Probus Club is now on YouTube! Several of our members shared with us some entertaining moments they have experienced during the pandemic. Check out the new videos and please keep your videos, photos and recipes coming! (Email Heather Buscher).

Beating the Covid Blues - Video Edition

Making Sourdough: 
Many members have taken up baking and a few have sent in their success stories. This video, sent in by Carol H, highlights something "a little different" in their sourdough bread attempt! Click on the image to view the video...

Ragnar the Robot: 
Most people have seen a Roomba in action to vacuum floors, but have you seen a robot cutting the lawn? Nancy and Paul D let Ragnar the Robot do all the work to mow their yard. Ragnar looks like a mini-corvette, is pollution free and charges itself for only a couple of loonies per month in electricity. Click on the image to view the video...

The Only Way to Fly:
(for right now anyway...)

Martin B has taken to building model airplanes and enjoying the great outdoors while flying them.(Most of the planes are actually 3D printed). Click on the image to view the video...

You can also check out the Beating the Blues Photo Album here for other ways that our members have found to adapt to the new normal. Several new photos were added in July already.

Contest: Where Am I?

BVPC is having a Summer Photo Contest! There will be a series of 6 photos posted to the website each Tuesday, for the next 6 weeks. The first three members to correctly guess the location of all 6 photos will win a Mystery Prize! (You must answer the quiz online. No login needed to play!)

Do you know where this photo was taken? If so click on the photo, or type your answer here!

Activity Groups Update
Rick Leclair & Colleen Wilson-Dick

Computer Group
Martin Buscher

The Computer Group met again in June (via Zoom), for an overview of How the Internet Works - from backbone to the inner workings of a webpage. You can take a look at the material presented during the session, or sign up for the Computer Group activity to learn about similar topics! The next meeting is in September and will feature how to use Google Sheets (an Excel alternative spreadsheet).

Book Clubs

Two of our Probus Book Club activity groups have been holding Zoom meetings, while they are unable to meet in person. Book Club - Chapter Three, led by Val Jones, have met via Zoom for May and June and are planning to do the same in July. Book Club - Chapter Four, led by Cathie Gellatly, has been meeting regularly via Zoom in March, April, May and June. They will be taking a break now until September.

Book Club Reading Lists:
Just a reminder that you can check out the reading lists on the Book Club Activity Pages to add to your summer reading! 
Euchre 2
Allan Smith

Members of the Euchre 2 activity group have been playing Euchre online, using the trickstercards platform. Groups of 4 can reserve a table to meet and play!

Recreational Cycling Group
Caroline Bacher

Many of our cycling members are biking on their own or with a partner. If you are looking for easy cycling routes, you can check out the Recreational Cycling Group Activity Page for some "Recommended Biking Routes". Please make sure you are social distancing from other riders when cycling. 


The Master Gardener’s Corner

Our Master Gardener's Corner by John Hethrington, Past President, Master Gardeners of Ontario, has moved online. Look for the Gardening Tips on our web Homepage (scroll down on the right-hand side) or click here to see what you need to be doing in your garden in July!

A big thank you to everyone who turned out for our COVID Plant Sale at St. George’s, the Anglican Parish for the Blue Mountains, in Clarksburg. It opened at 7 am and by 10:20, the 637 potted plants were all gobbled up!

In Memoriam

Martin Sinclair passed away in early June. He and his wife of 60 years, Catherine,  have been Probus members since 2013.

Support Group
Lynn Corrigan

Do you know of a member who needs encouragement to get through a difficult period? Please do not hesitate to call on Lynn Corrigan or any of the management team.

The Last Word
Marion Stewart, Past President

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.
Tony  Robbins

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