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June 08, 2020 14:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

President's Message
Caroline Bacher

It is difficult to keep spirits up when we have experienced self-isolation and social distancing for almost three months now. However, we have to remember that “this too shall pass”.

On a personal note, Spring is one of my favourite seasons. I enjoy bird watching and spend much of my time in early Spring, before the leaves are fully out in the trees, identifying the many species that come through our yard. We always have a little House Wren who returns every year to the small birdhouse that I hang on the same tree for her. I have learned to identify a few different warblers and finches. There are many types of sparrows too!

Some of us who have gardens have been able to get outside to tend to them. It is hard work but the reward of seeing the beautiful flowers later is worth the effort. The trees are beginning to bud and there are blossoms on trees. We have so much to be thankful for even during these stressful times.

We are very fortunate to live in this beautiful area of the Blue Mountains. It has much to offer in the way of outdoor activities whether it be walking, hiking, cycling, driving on your motorcycle or in your car with the top down. Golf courses are open for those of you who enjoy golfing.

When you are at home there are many activities that you can do on your computer or I-pad. There are websites for card games and trivia games which are listed in this newsletter.

Keep your ideas coming! Submit your self-isolating photos and include your pet too! Send in recipes and ideas of how our members can keep busy. We all need to have something to lift our spirits!

Submit them to or Heather Buscher. They will be posted on our website for all to enjoy.

In closing, I wish you all good health throughout the summer. I hope that we will be able to meet again in person. Until then, be kind to one another.


  20 June 2020 St. Georges Annual Plant Sale, Clarksburg
  23 June 2020 Online Presentation - Speaker: Tim Burrows
  27 August 2020 CANCELLED - King's Wharf Theatre Outing: Rock of Ages
  21 October 2020 CANCELLED - Stratford Trip: Spamalot

Things To Do While Social Distancing

Please share your ideas with an email to Chris Rickard!

Check out the online Card Games! Borrowed from Donna Hurst, Harbourlands Probus Club.

Bridge Base Online is a great way to play online bridge for free! also has all kinds of online card games: Spades, Euchre, Hearts and more! Play with family, friends, or be matched with other online players at your skill level! - a free trivia game that you can play on your smartphone or tablet - alone or with friends. You must sign-up to use.

"Up Here in  Canada" - View this uplifting video by Clark W. Submitted by Elsbeth Wright.

My Covid-19 Story
Seija Wolf

As you might know, we finally sold our house in January 2020, with an April 1st closing date. We were moving into a retirement home and could not take much with us. Our online auction to get rid of most of our belongings had to be cancelled. Getting help with the move was impossible, and the list of things we could not do goes on and on.

Well, April 1st came and we moved to Chartwell to find out that we were locked in. No visitors and not being able to go out has been quite a challenge. Anyway, we will survive. George has his music. He donated his organ to Chartwell, so it is here for him to enjoy. First two weeks it was locked up, but then a decision was made to let him play and enjoy.

I picked up crocheting again and have enjoyed having my fingers busy. Basically I have made just little doilies etc. and I will use them as Christmas presents later (if we ever get out of here). My daughter Julie, who is also an avid crocheter belongs to a Crochet Group on Facebook and she posted a picture of my doilies on the group’s Facebook page. As of today I have had 2098 likes. Can you believe that?

So whatever the situation, don’t let it get you down, be innovative and use you time wisely. And be safe.

Photo Corner

Several of our members shared with us how they were finding new ways to keep their spirits high during the pandemic! Check out the new photos and please keep your photos and recipes coming! (Email Heather Buscher).

Beating the COVID Blues

Members have started knitting, chainsaw sculpting, even foraging for mushrooms this past month. They are zooming, walking, painting, adopting pets and adapting to the new normal! Check out the Beating the Blues Photo Album here ...

Pottery Club 

See the slideshow of the wonderful works created by members of the Pottery Club in classes prior to the COVID closures. 

You can click on the images to see the new photos sent in by our members, or go the Photos section of our website!

Our Speaker on June 23 - Online only

Tim Burrows - Electric Vehicle Society
"Should Your Next Car Be Electric?"

Although our regular in-person, meeting at the Community Center is cancelled in June due to COVID-19, Tim Burrows our scheduled speaker, will give his presentation online.

Tim Burrows is a retired Vice President of Forty Creek Distillery and a graduate of the University of Toronto where he earned an honours degree in psychology. He has owned and driven battery-electric cars for the past 7 years and has logged over 250,000 kilometres without the need for gasoline or diesel fuel.

Tim chairs the Mississauga Chapter of the Electric Vehicle Society, a nonprofit organization which works to promote the understanding and adoption of electric mobility in Canada. 

He now enjoys sharing his EV experience with others and breaks down many myths and misconceptions about electric vehicle ownership. Tim makes the case that we are nearing the ‘tipping point’ when electric cars will replace those powered by gasoline. He also touches on the state of self driving technology and what autonomous cars could mean for the future.

For security reasons, we ask that you login to the BVPC website and Register before June 22, and you will be sent a link to the webcast with simple instructions on how to join a few days before. Although we are limited to 100 spots, a waitlist will be available and offer spots that become open. You can also register now and cancel your registration on or before June 21 if your plans change. Only one member in the household needs to register, if you are sharing the same computer screen or tablet!

For Questions Contact:
Heather Buscher (Registration, help with Zoom)
Ann Parsons (Speakers Chair)


Check the website often!
Heather Buscher

Don't forget to regularly check our website. You don't need to login in order to see upcoming Events, view Activity pages, Master Gardener tips, or flip through our Photos that are updated regularly!

You will need to login to the website to view our private membership directory online or register for certain events, like our June online speaker. If you would like help creating a password, or registering for an event, please let Heather know. She is happy to help or can even register for you.

Need help with Zoom?

Many of our members are still figuring out how to use Zoom effectively, whether chatting with family or tuning into the Probus monthly speakers. Zoom menus are a little different for every device, so using it on your desktop computer is not exactly the same as on the ipad or iphone. Here is a checklist of what to get familiar with, before you attend a zoom meeting: 

  • Does the Zoom software or app need to be installed?
  • Is the sound turned on? (Use the computer or internet audio)
  • Can you mute, and unmute yourself? (You should be muted unless you are actually speaking...)
  • Can you turn on and off your video? (You may not want others to see you snack during a zoom session!)
  • Do you know how to use the Chat function to ask a question?
  • Do you know how to set the view to see only the speaker, or to see all participants? You might need to use the Gallery view mode, or swipe screen left or right if you are on a tablet or smartphone.
If you want to check whether your Zoom is working,  Heather can create a short practice session with you, to make sure everything is up-and-running for your next Zoom meeting. Please give Heather a call to arrange a time!

Activity Groups Update

Recreational Cycling Group
Caroline Bacher

Although we are not cycling together, Caroline Bacher sent a list of six "Recommended Biking Routes" to her group so that they could try them out with their partners or alone. She reiterated the importance of social distancing from other riders when cycling. Caroline also sent "Tips for Safety" when cycling. You can also view these on the Recreational Cycling Activity webpage.

Computer Group
Martin Buscher

Phishing is a word used when criminals try to make us do things that give them access to our computers or online accounts, targeting our identity or our money. The Computer Group had a great session (via Zoom), discussing how to recognize such attempts, and what to do and, in particular, what not to do here! You can take a look at the material used during the session, or sign up for the Computer Group activity to learn about similar topics!

Dining Around Town
Hank Bouwman
  • June – Barcelos in Wasaga Beach has been cancelled.
  • September – The Falls Inn in Walter’s Falls is still a 'go' at this time.

Activities eFair 2020

Activity Coordinators Still Needed 
Rick Leclair
Colleen Wilson-Dick

We had a fantastic response for activity registration that continued on through May.  However some of the activities had large numbers of registrants, but still have no one volunteering to lead the activities yet! It would really be a shame if these activities  could not continue! Currently the following activities are on hold until Activity Coordinators are found: 

  • Canoeing & Kayaking
  • Digital Photography
  • Birding
  • Snowshoeing 
We are encouraging people to consider sharing an Activity Coordinator role. Some of the tasks that could be shared by an “Activity Coordinator Team” are: planning outings, choosing locations/routes, communicating with participants, and coordinating outing leaders. There are roles for members new to the activity, as well for those that have some experience already. If you are willing to co-share an activity leader role, please give Rick or Colleen a call.

Father's Day Reflections

"Having children is like living in a frat house.  Nobody sleeps, everything's broken, and there's a lot of throwing up..." Ray Romano

The Master Gardener’s Corner

Our Master Gardener's Corner by John Hethrington, Past President, Master Gardeners of Ontario, has moved online. Look for the Gardening Tips on our web Homepage (scroll down on the right-hand side) or click here to see what you need to be doing in your garden in June!

St. George's Annual Plant Sale Notice: 

St. George's, the Anglican Parish for the Blue Mountains, has obtained approval from the Grey Bruce Medical Officer of Health to hold its annual plant sale on June 20 @ 7 AM, under special Covid-19 circumstances. Over 600 potted unique perennials and 90 named daylilies from a well-known local garden will be for sale. Click here to see the full notice for details including safety precautions.

In Memoriam

Walter Mount, who was a Probus member from 2009 to 2016, passed away in May. He will be fondly remembered for the many nature walks he led for members.

Support Group
Lynn Corrigan

Do you know of a member who needs encouragement to get through a difficult period? Please do not hesitate to call on Lynn Corrigan or any of the management team.

Just for Fun

The Last Word
Marion Stewart, Past President

How you imagine the world determines how you live in it.
David Suzuki

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