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BV President's Message
Caroline Bacher

Research shows that random acts of kindness and sharing have a proven beneficial effect on our mental and physical health. During this time of isolation, we are unable to support each other and connect face-to-face as we normally do. As a substitute, many of you are embarking on new hobbies and challenges, whether it be breaking open a previously under-appreciated puzzle, learning a new language or skilled trade, or brushing up on your technological skills to stay in touch.

If you are interested in sharing your new-found skills or hobbies, please send a photo to our Web Coordinator, Heather Buscher (her address can be found in your pink directory or the directory on our website). Heather is putting together a slide show of member projects, which will be made available on our new website under the Latest Photos section on the right hand side. Click on the image to view.

Our Management Committee is working behind the scenes and trying to find new ways of connecting with members. If you have any questions or need assistance or support, please reach out to any of the following: Lynn Corrigan, Vicki and Terry Kellar, Heather Buscher, Hank Bouwman, Ann Parsons, Nancy Seppala and Caroline Bacher. We are here to help! You can find our contact info on the website directory or in your pink printed directory.

We have cancelled our in-person meetings in May and June. Other events have also been cancelled. Please go to our website to view.

As always, please follow the guidelines of our health officials and stay safe until we meet again.


  1-April - 31 May 2020 Activity Registration continues online
  26 May 2020 Online Presentation - Speaker: Erica Angus
  27 August 2020 King's Wharf Theatre Outing: Rock of Ages
  21 October 2020 CANCELLED - Stratford Trip: Spamalot

COVID-19 Information

Beating the Self-isolation Blues

Several of our members shared with us how they were finding new ways to keep their spirits high during the pandemic! Check out the new photos and recipes... Please keep your photos and recipes coming! (Email Heather Buscher).

Photo Corner
Members have started sewing, painting, and baking. They are walking, adopting pets and adapting to the new normal!

Click on the image to see more photos sent in by our members!

Recipe Corner
Like so many other folks, John H has started baking. He has assured us that the bagels are even better than they look! Two disappeared before the photo could be taken, and two more disappeared before he could send the photo in! You can find the recipe here...

Click on the image to see more recipes sent in by our members!

Our Speaker on May 26 - Online only

Erica Angus - Executive Director, Theatre Collingwood
Put More PLAY in Your Life

Although our regular in-person, monthly meeting at the Community Center is cancelled due to COVID-19, Erica has kindly agreed to give her presentation online.

For security reasons, we ask that you login to the BVPC website and Register before May 22, and you will be sent a link to the webcast with simple instructions on how to join a few days before. Although we are limited to 100 spots, we will open up a waitlist and offer spots that become open. You can also register now and cancel your registration on or before May 22 if your plans change. Only one member in the household needs to register, if you are sharing the same computer screen or tablet! Please contact Heather Buscher for registration help.


Erica Angus came to work as Executive Director for Theatre Collingwood in 2013.  The company had been producing shows in-house since 1984 but the Board of Directors was looking for a new direction and someone who could bring in outside talent. Erica brought with her to Collingwood a wealth of experience in the arts and culture sector.  She has worked with many of Canada's most talented performers.  Read her full bio here.

Each year at Theatre Collingwood Erica and her team present approximately 12 shows/events.  It is a heavy workload but one that is both challenging and exciting.  No year has been as challenging as 2020, and although it has been filled with  uncertainty, Erica feels it has also brought with it "gifts" which will strengthen the company's ability to Put More PLAY in Your Life!


How to get Website Help
Heather Buscher

Hopefully you have all seen the emails on how to login to the new website in April. More than 225 members were able to login and access the online membership Directory or register for Activities before May 1!

If you need help getting started, try the step-by-step instructions below or reach out to Heather Buscher. She is happy to help with login questions or registering for an event!

Activity Groups Update

Georgian Probus Travel Group
Gloria Thompson
As more is learned about COVID-19, the more we realize that perhaps the Scotland trip next October is premature. It is beginning to sound like life will be somewhat tentative until there is a vaccine. So, yet again, there are changes:
  1. Islands and Highlands of Scotland: We are trying for 08-23 May 2021. Your deposits will be honoured. Contact is Gloria 6705-429-9455
  2. Croatia tour: The land tour starts 11 September, followed by the yacht/bike program 19-26 Sept 2021. For information and to make a deposit, contact Jacquie 747-404-9380.
  3. Portugal and Madeira: May 2022...TBA
Dining Around Town
Hank Bouwman
  • June – Barcelos in Wasaga Beach has been cancelled.
  • September – The Falls Inn in Walter’s Falls is still a 'go' at this time.
Hiking Group
Cynthia Sampson

Hiking is, of course, suspended until restrictions are eased.  Some time ago Dennis Knight provided me with a great list of hikes that he was/is willing to lead for us this summer, but many of them will not happen. Realistically, July is the earliest we can hope for, so the following are possible:

  • Friday, July 3:  Trout Hollow
  • Tuesday, July 7:  Bognor Marsh

Even if you are already on the previous mailing list for hiking, please register online. The deadline for the Activities eFair has been extended to May 31st.

Activities eFair 2020

Activities eFair Extended By Popular Demand to May 31st!
Rick Leclair
Colleen Wilson-Dick

The Beaver Valley Probus Club’s Activities “eFair” has been well received by members. Once you get the hang of logging into the website and navigating around, it’s really pretty easy. If you haven’t yet set up your password to access all the features of our website, please do. You can find an excellent instructional slideshow on how to login available from the Login Help on our main web page. To date we have close to 800 registrations when you tally up numbers for each activity group. Our dining, cycling, and hiking groups alone make up over 60% of the registrations so far!

There is still time to sign up for our great variety of activities! We have extended the eFair to May 31st, 2020 to give members every opportunity to register for the first time or add to your existing list of activities. When the green flag is waved and we are able to resume club activities our activity groups will hit the ground running!


Activity Coordinators Still Needed:

It would be a shame to have some of our popular activities not continue! At present activities including, Canoeing & Kayaking, Digital Photography, Birding and Snowshoeing are on hold until Activity Coordinators are found for each group. Based on registrations so far this year there is a lot of interest in these groups. Unfortunately, they remain inactive until volunteers step up. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity or would like to take on the role of coordinator (or are willing to assist) please contact our Activities Co-convenors: Colleen Wilson-Dick or Rick Leclair

Theatre Event - not cancelled so far!

Rock of Ages: A Totally Rad ‘80s Musical
Vicki Kellar

Once again our Club has arranged tickets for a Drayton Festival Theatre Event at King’s Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene. Fans of '80s arena hard rock music will dig this awesomely hilarious musical comedy that wails with big chords, big hair ... and an even bigger heart.

  • Date: Thurs. Aug. 27, 2PM show 
  • Group Rate: $44.32/ticket  (payment instructions to follow closer to date)
  • Location: King’s Wharf Theatre, 97 Jury Dr, Penetanguishene
  • Driving arrangements: should be made individually. A group dinner will be arranged closer to the date.

Please register online or contact Vicki Kellar.  This event is expected to sell-out, so please register as soon as possible. First-come, first-served.

Mother's Day Reflections

The Master Gardener’s Corner

Our Master Gardener's Corner by John Hethrington, Past President, Master Gardners of Ontario, has moved online. Look for the Gardening Tips on our web Homepage (scroll down on the right hand side) or click here to see what you need to be doing in your garden in May!

Brain Teaser - Crime and Treason - Rhyme and Reason

Each pair of words below is a disguised rhyme of a familiar phrase. For example the title of this puzzle "Crime and Treason" would be the clue for the answer "Rhyme and reason". Spoiler Alert: Answers at bottom!

  1. Sleuth and Trail
  2. Fork and Greens
  3. Draw and Border
  4. Ruts and Jolts
  5. Jars and Pipes
  6. Yak and Gnu
  7. Pride and Chic
  8. Stencil and Scraper

Thanks to Candace Walmsley of the Muskoka North Probus Chapter for sharing!

Vacancy on the Nominating Committee

Your Probus nominating committee is looking for a member to join the committee for 2020-2021. The nominating committee selects a slate of candidates for consideration for officers of the club at the AGM.

Our bylaws stipulate that at least one member of the committee should be from the membership at large.  Please volunteer if this is something of interest to you, and contact Past President Marion Stewart, Committee Chair. Her contact information can be found in the online directory, as well as the pink printed version.

Support Group
Lynn Corrigan

Do you know of a member who needs encouragement to get through a difficult period? Please do not hesitate to call on Lynn Corrigan or any of the management team.

Brain Teaser: Crime and Treason Answers
  1. Sleuth and Trail – Tooth and Nail
  2. Fork and Greens – Pork and Beans
  3. Draw and Border – Law and Order
  4. Ruts and Jolts – Nuts and Bolts 
  5. Jars and Pipes – Stars and Stripes 
  6. Yak and Gnu – Black and Blue 
  7. Pride and Chic – Hide and Seek 
  8. Stencil and Scraper – Pencil and Paper

The Last Word
Marion Stewart, Past President

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.
W.P. Kinsella

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Activity Groups: Participate - Volunteer - Have Fun!

Co-convenors: Rick Leclair and Colleen Wilson-Dick

  Please be advised that all events and activities of the Beaver Valley Probus Club are organized for the benefit and enjoyment of its Members. Individuals who participate do so at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

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