Beaver Valley Probus Club

Our Founding Members and Past Presidents

This slideshow features the founding members and past presidents, who have submitted their photo and short biographies for inclusion in the Grapevine newsletter. If you are a founding member or past president, please contact Hank Bouwman, to submit your bio!

Past President: Carolyn Leonetti (2006)
Past President: Ken Kelley (2009)
Past President: Pat Wright (2018)
Founding Members: Beth & David Plank
Founding Members: Bruno and Heidi Schulze
Founding Members: Don & Debbie Catto
Founding Member: Herbert Quickert
Founding Member: James Couse
Founding Member: Jim O'Brien (with spouse Dianne Nixon)
Founding Members: Carol & John Hethrington
Founding Member: John Dick (pictured with his wife Jan)
Founding Members: Judith & John Helston
Founding Members: Margaret & David Morgan
Founding Member: Perry Hoadley
Founding Members: Peter and Sue Boehm
Founding Member: Sylvia Ridgley
Founding Member: Wanda Winters

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