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The Travel group merged with the Georgian Probus Travel Group (GPTG). Hopefully this will encourage the many Probus clubs of Thornbury, Collingwood and Thornbury to run diverse trips for members, friends and families.
The purpose is to learn more about each other and do trips that cater to more varied interests. The monthly newsletter will keep you informed of the current offerings. 
Travel with your peers....avoid the single cost...get to know new people...join our trips!
Offerings for 2019-20.
  1. Islands and Highlands of Scotland:  May 10 to May 25, 2020. 
    Contact Gloria: 705-429-9455

  2. Oberammergau with 1 wk Rhine River cruise. July 25 to Aug 05, 2020.
    Contact: Brenda 705-444-1161

  3. Iceland: Surveying interest in Iceland for Fall 2019. 1 week.
    Lots of inclusions, hikes, yoga, meditation...
    Contact: Erika (800) 561-8677 

Activity Coordinator: Gloria Thompson