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Members have the opportunity to hear presentations by interesting speakers at our monthly meetings. Suggestions for future speakers are always welcomed.

2020 Speakers

January  Brent Preston – Aid Worker, Journalist, Farmer, Author of "The New Farm"
February            Eleonore Eaves – Executive Director, Big Brothers, Big Sisters
March Tom Bell – Cyclist, African Adventure
May Erica Angus – Executive Director, Theatre Collingwood
June Jeffery Fletcher – Manager, Town of The Blue Mountains - Recycling


2019 Speakers

January  Brina Romanek – Documentary Filmmaker and Storyteller
February            Brock Godfrey – Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, Marketing Fraud and Cybercrime Awareness
May Shannon Fry – Community Pharmacy Services
June Barb Sheperd – Hope Haven
September Manjusha Pawagi – Journalist, Lawyer Judge, Author
October Eva Smith - Spiritual Teacher and Guide
November Diana Bishop – News Correspondent, Personal Branding


2018 Speakers

January            Dr. Mike Stephenson - Travel medicine                                                                                 
February Ron Hartlen - Future of energy planning
April Sara and Leah Denbok - Authors and photographers                               
May Shelby Worts - Naturopathic doctor
June Allan Crowe - Safety of our beaches
September         Steve Varga - Defensive cycling


2017 Speakers

January            Sonya Reichel - Georgian Triangle Humane Society                                                            
April Inspector Mary Shannon - Collingwood/Blue Mountains OPP 
May Sandra Joyce - History of British Home Children
June Kelly Borg - ED  Hospice Georgian Triangle
September         Danielle Deal - Peace Naturals
October Iona Tough - Habitat for Humanity
November Denise Rand  - Diabetes Educator                                                             


2016 Speakers

January        John McKean - Mayor TBM                                                                                                 
February Cathy Smart - Trusted Transitions
April Sandra Hong - Alzeimers Society Grey Bruce
May Chris O'Connor - Collingwood Brewery
June Dr. Jack Hirsh - use of blood thinners in preventing strokes                        
September         Carl Michener - Watershed Trust
October 15th anniversary celebration - Dan Needles
November Jeremy Bertrand - understanding Ontario's tax credits


2015 Speakers

January        Mark Neukom – Audiologist                                                                                                
February Harvey Hart – The golden Age of Radio
April Dr. John Anderson – Affects of Climate Change In The Owen Sound Area
May  Melanie Wills  – Lyme Disease
June Doris Sensenberger – Home Horizon Transitional Support Services
September         Rowland Fleming – The Wealth Gap
October Michael Moir - Collingwood Shipbuilding History


2014 Speakers

January        Ryan Mundle – War of 1812, Wasaga Beach, the Nancy                                                  
February AGM - Catharine Turner, Johnson travel insurance
April Terry Gregson, NHL referee
May Nordixx Pole Walking – Marianne Ford
June Lara Javalyn / Sim Salatas – Grey Roots Museum & Archives                  
September         Tim Blevins – President, Reid’s Heritage
October Keith Hunter - magician
November Eric Conroy – SS Keewatin