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Members have the opportunity to hear presentations by interesting speakers at our monthly meetings. Suggestions for future speakers are always welcomed.




January                        Ryan Mundle – War of 1812, Wasaga Beach, the Nancy

February                      AGM- Speaker- Catharine Turner, Johnson travel insurance

March                         Activity Fair

April                            Terry Gregson, NHL referee

May                             Nordixx Pole Walking – Marianne Ford

June                             Lara Javalyn / Sim Salatas – Grey Roots Museum & Archives

July                              Holiday

August                         Holiday

September                  Tim Blevins – President, Reid’s Heritage Homes

October                       Keith Hunter - magician

November                   Eric Conroy – SS Keewatin


January   Mark Neukom – Audiologist

February   Harvey Hart – The golden Age of Radio

March        Activity Fair

April            Dr. John Anderson – Affects of Climate Change In The Owen Sound Area

May             Melanie Wills  – Lyme Disease

June             Doris Sensenberger – Home Horizon Transitional Support Services

September   Rowland Fleming – The Wealth Gap

October       Michael Moir - Collingwood Shipbuilding History


2016 Speakers

January    John McKean - Mayor TBM

February   Cathy Smart - Trusted Transitions

April           Sandra Hong - Alzeimers Society Grey Bruce

May           Chris O'Connor - Collingwood Brewery

June           Dr. Jack Hirsh - use of blood thinners in preventing strokes etc.

September   Carl Michener - Watershed Trust

October      15th anniversary celebration - Dan Needles

November   Jeremy Bertrand - understanding Ontario's tax credits

2017 Speakers

January - Sonya Reichel - Georgian Triangle Humane Society


April    Inspector Mary Shannon - Collingwood/Blue Mountains OPP

May       Sandra Joyce - History of British Home Children

June      Kelly Borg - ED  Hospice Georgian Triangle

September   Danielle Deal - Peace Naturals

October      Iona Tough - Habitat for Humanity

November    Denise Rand  - Diabetes Educator

2018 Speakers

January     Dr. Mike Stephenson - Travel Medicine

February    Ron Hartlen - future of energy planning

April             Sara and Leah Denbok - authors and                                             photographer

May            Shelby Worts - naturopathic doctor

June            Allan Crowe - safety of our beaches

September   Steve Varga - Defensive cycling


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