About Us :: Membership


The basic purpose of a Probus Club is to provide regular gatherings for those who, in (or approaching) retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet others to pursue similar areas of interest. 
The emphasis is that Probus Clubs are simple in structure; are free from the constraints and obligations of service clubs, and are primarily directed to providing fellowship and the opportunity for the development of acquaintances.  

Club Meetings 

  • The program at our monthly meetings usually falls into two parts: Unless members are notified of a change in arrangements, all meetings are held at the Beaver Valley Community Centre, Alfred St. West and Victoria St., Thornbury from 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. on the fourth (not necessarily the last) Tuesday of each month from January to June and from September to November. A celebration of the festive season is held in December, although not on the regular meeting date. The meeting schedule includes a half hour of “gathering” time, which allows an opportunity to meet with other members, and to purchase tickets to upcoming social events, etc.
  • About thirty minutes is taken up by club business and sixty minutes is devoted to a guest speaker. Members may bring guests to the monthly meetings, provided that any one guest attends only on an occasional basis.  
  • Within the Club, approximately thirty Activity Groups have been established which meet to pursue various activities (e.g. Canoeing, Hiking, Book Club, amongst others). Members are invited to participate in as many of these groups as they wish. The participation (on an occasional basis) of a member’s guest in any Activity Group is at the discretion of the coordinator of that Activity Group. The Events Committee organizes social events that are open to all members and, on occasion, their spouses or guests. (Check out details of our activities.) Occasionally, we join other Probus Clubs in the area for events and activities, for example, the Legends Ski Club is composed of members from several Probus Clubs. 

Cost of Membership 

The initial membership fee is $50.00, which includes $20.00 initiation fee and an annual fee of $30.00. These fees cover the cost of members’ badges, refreshments, room rental fees, insurance, gifts and honorariums for guest speakers and other related expenses. 
Some Important Features of Probus Clubs: 

  • The clubs are non-political and non-sectarian. 
  •  They are non-profit and non-fundraising. 
  •  New clubs are sponsored by Rotary or by an existing Probus Club, but on formation become autonomous, independent of their sponsor and independent of each other. There is no central governing body.  
  • Past membership in Rotary, or any service club, is not a requirement for potential members of Probus, although some Probus members are members, or past members, of Rotary. Although Probus is not a service club, many individual members give their time to other volunteer organizations. 

Note: The names of current applicants for membership will be placed on a wait list; the earliest date for membership for applicants on such list will be February 1, 2021.