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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Community Pharmacy Services by Shannon Fry

Local community member, University of Toronto graduate, staff pharmacist since 2005 and owner since 2009. 

She said that she was never going to be an owner!

Shannon's Presentation will include:

Different members of the pharmacy team explanation – Pharmacists, technicians and assistants.  Different roles of the team members

Video of prescription filling process.  Elaborate on process including Computer-generated prescription

– decrease in errors-doctor handwriting – photo of doctor’s handwriting in written Rx (eg. vial vs vile)  Drug interactions  Check lab values  Check duplicate therapy etc.

 Process and fill Rx  Counsel on Rx to patient (benadryl and blister story – permission to tell story) Follow up by pharmacist if necessary Cognitive/Therapeutic or Special Services

Delivery service –       Electric car photo  Electrical charger

Travel health – based on destination-Rx and immunization guidelines -recommendations of which over-the-counter medications to bring

Genetic testing – metabolism of medications, health indicators

Injection services – travel injections by pharmacists

Flu injections- for all Ontarians over 5 years of age-provide stats on overall flu immunizations and pharmacist involvement

Medschecks – personalized medication reviews    Annual review of medications, pre-hospital admission, specific health issues

Compliance packaging – For those who have complicated medication regimens or cognitive or physical impairment. Instead of filling prescriptions in vials, the pharmacy prepares them in reusable dosettes or blister packaging in intervals of weekly, biweekly or monthly.




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