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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The presentation at this meeting is described below.

Mass Marketing Fraud and Cybercrime Awareness:   

A Fraud Awareness Presentation aimed at seniors, covering Mass Marketing Fraud, Identity Theft, Romance and other scams – and how to avoid them. Nearly 80 percent of mass marketing fraud is conducted by organized crime groups and is currently the second most common criminal activity funding terrorist activities.  

This presentation was developed by Brock and two RCMP Officers.  Due to their concentration on National Security, they are now seldom available.  In some areas, Brock is joined by local OPP Officers. 

BIO:  BROCK GODFREY- The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre,  North Bay

Brock took early retirement in 1993 from the Ontario Ministry of Education, after 30 years in education.  He joined PhoneBusters in 1997 as a Volunteer SeniorBuster. 

He has been instrumental in educating the public and raising awareness of illegal mass marketing fraud and ID theft: which is clearly the most  successful and effective long-term strategy in reducing the number of fraud victims.  He occasionally calls victims to assist them, but mainly gives presentations such as this to Service Clubs, Seniors and Professional Groups, across all of Southern Ontario, and from Maui to Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.   

Brock received the Superintendent’s Award of Distinction from the RCMP for his work in making Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre presentations about this topic. 

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