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Hiking is a great way to experience, explore and discover this great corner of the world we live in.  We get to see what's in between the highways and the back roads.   It's a fun way to keep fit and to socialize with many of the other Probus members.

We go on weekly outings from May through October.  The day varies each week, as several different people volunteer to lead our hikes, and the hike leader chooses the day and the location of the hike.  We take a different trail on each of the outings, hiking on parts of the Bruce Trail as well as on many of the other hiking trails in the various surrounding counties.   The typical duration of our hikes ranges from 1 ½ to 2 hours, although we occasionally do longer ones as well, and we typically average about 4 kilometers per hour.  The degree of difficulty generally ranges from easy to moderate, with a few parts described as “more challenging".  Hike details are emailed to all members of the hiking group well in advance, so each member can choose whether they wish to participate in that particular hike.

Socializing is an integral part of this activity.  Our hikers are always on the look-out for an unusual plant or a particular point of interest.  On longer hikes, we may gather together on a riverbank or overlooking one of the many awesome views for a drink and a snack.  Some days we meet after the hike at a nearby restaurant or socialize back at one of the member's homes.

We are always looking for hike leaders to take us on new or familiar trails. If you think you’d like to take on that challenge, or if you would simply like to have your name added to our mailing list, please just let us know at probusbvhiking@outlook.com.    We’d love to see you out on the trails!

Coordinator: Cynthia Sampson

Guidelines for Hike Leaders and participants.......Click Here.

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