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Field Bocce Tounament


Jim and Sandi Hamilton introduced "Bocce" with the "Picnic" in 2003.  It has been in annual competition ever since.  Initially one game was played leading to a playoff.  This format continued until the end of 2009 when Jim and Sandi turned the event organization over to Dave Perham, assisted by Ken Kelley. 

There were no Picnics held in 2009, 2010 and 2011 so a "Bocce Field Day" was held at Tomahawk together with a golf pitching contest. 
2010 saw the introduction of the three game format with the high total score being the winner.  With 16 teams on 4 courts this meant that everyone played at least 3 games.

Dave Perham developed the current court set up using tape and markers to outline and space the 4 courts.  This makes for quick clean up and the referees job easier.  Game Bocce balls have been a challenge because we use the four colours, blue, green, red, yellow.  We have the use of competition sets from Craig Wright, John Dick and Ken Kelley with the fourth set less than we would like.  We are on the lookout for a proper four colour set.  If you have or know of one let us know.

One important ingredient to the success of the games are the referees.  We have been fortunate. Jim Davis has been at every event and others are Paul Green, Terry Tarr, Terry Blackman, Peter Zahradnik, Dennis Knight and Guy Harris.

No history would be complete without the winners !

                            "Bocce Champions"  Beaver Valley Probus.

2003- Susan & Peter Boehm, Lyn & Larry Mann

2004- Carolyn & Ernie Leonetti , Barbara & John Dick

2005- Nancy & Guy Harris, Doreen & Murray Lamont

2006- Nancy & Guy Harris, Doreen & Murray Lamont

2007- Terry Running, Joan Hutton, Wanda Winters, Jacque Ritchie

2008-Nancy & Guy Harris, Doreen & Murray Lamont

2009- Terry & Meryl White, Moe Wanamaker John Corrigan

2010- John & Lynn Corrigan, Terry & Meryl White

2011- Craig Wright, Cathy Seidle, Tom Patterson , Peter Roberts

2012- Jim & Eileen Scott, Dave & Eileen Robinson

2013- Sharyl & George Petterson, Don & Diane Ellis

2014- rained out

2015- Peter & Susan Boehm, Cam & Donna Cleary

2016-Meryl & Terry White, Nancy & Jerry Primak

2017-Meryl & Terry White, Jerry Primak, John Hopper

2018- George & Sharyl Peterson, Lou & Ward Fowler

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