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Explorators Cycling Group

Purpose:  Provide members an opportunity to enhance their cycling ability, see new scenery, meet new people and have fun while still riding mainly on trails or roads infrequently travelled by cars. This new proposed group will also provide people new to cycling a way to progress from beginner to advanced road cyclist through the current cycling groups by starting with the current Monday group, progressing to the Explorators group, moving to the current Thursday Back Country cycling group and finally advancing to the Tuesday Country Cruisers group.

Ability and time of ride:  Distances will be between 20 and 30 km (starting out around 20 km) while doing the riding at a gentle pace and aiming for a total riding time of minimum 2 hours.

Riding day:  The Explorators will cycle on Thursdays this year. The kilometers and riding time is at an Intermediate level and is to provide cyclists an opportunity for increased experience at a relaxed pace.

The riding season is expected to be from Mid-May to Mid-October and the general timing would be a 10 am start with an approximate 2½ hour duration. Meeting point will vary pending the proposed route for that week.

Type of bike needed:  Most bikes will suffice as routes and level of difficulty will not require special bikes. Although road bikes may cause discomfort on trails due to a more rigid ride.

Possible routes:  Georgian trail, Tom Thompson trail, Heather Pathway, Banks area, Quiet Valley road area, Around Lake Eugenia, Williamsford, Wasaga Beach and many more.

Coordinator:  Mikael Schaltz

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1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the 25th day of February, 2020

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