Club Events

Club Events


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

DIANE BISHOP will be our Speaker this month.  Diana has spent twenty years as a TV News Correspondent for CBC, CTV, Global Television and NBC News telling stories of the biggest newsmakers of the day.  Since 2002, she has been running a unique personal branding business called The Success Story Program™ where she helps create success stories for everyone from executives and entrepreneurs to politicians and ballet dancers.  The Success Story Program™ has taken Diana across Canada, to the U.S. and Europe, where she has spoken to dozens of business groups, while also being profiled as one of Canada's Top Business Women, and National Woman of Distinction, as well as, being featured regularly in the media, such as, in the Report on Business in the Globe and Mail.  Now after all the years of telling other people's stories Diana has written her own story, a deeply personal memoir called Living Up To a Legend, My Adventures With Billy Bishop's Ghost --- which explores the profound impact that her famous grandfather, World War I Flying Ace, Billy Bishop has had on her life.  Diane is here to tell her story and how her deep connection to one of Canada's greatest heroes has and continues to shape her life.



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