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We hold our Euchre evenings on the second Tuesday evening of the month.

We have seventeen people signed up as regulars, and a few people as spares (they are necessary in order to make up the required numbers). We play with four to a table, and we try to fill three tables at each venue. We work to a rotation so that each player gets to play with and against each other player, and we keep a total score for each individual for the evening - no prize, just the honour!

Each regular member hosts in alphabetical order. The host(s) serves tea or coffee, and an edible after the games, and soft drink or water during play (no munchies). Out of respect for hosts slippers should be worn inside their home. 

We are interested in signing up new members, and in particular SPARES.

Warning – Euchre is a contact sport. We exchange cards and sit in close proximity. If you are a scheduled player and are "contagious" please "excuse" yourself and help the coordinator arrange a substitute.

Coordinators: Margaret Roy and Larry Rogers


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1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the 25th day of February, 2020

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