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Dining with Flair

The Dining with Flair group provides an excellent opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a wonderful meal with minimal effort. We dine in each others home, each of us taking a turn to host. This dining experience occurs every month if you wish, and is organized by a committee with information communicated to you via email. We generally dine in groups of 8 (sometimes 6 or 10 depending on the numbers interested and the space available) in any given month. Most months we dine on the fourth Thursday, gathering around 6:00p.m.

Members will be asked each month if they would like to attend and/or possibly host. The hosts will decide on the menu and then communicate with their guests regarding what they are to bring - an appetizer, a veg or a dessert. We have 2 special events during the year for everyone to attend: a picnic in June and a December Cocktail Party. Formalized dinners managed by the committee are not held in July and August however some members have organized themselves to get together and this idea is growing in popularity. For all dinners and events, we share in the costs incurred.

Beaver Valley Probus has several  dining groups to choose from. The distinguishing features of Dining with Flair are that we dine in small groups and always eat at a dinner table, set by the host. This promotes wonderful conversation and lasting friendships. You are welcome to try a dinner with us any time. As they say “try us, you will like us.”

Coordinators: Mary Bryant, Debbie Catto, Jan Reid, Eileen Scott, Shellie Smith and Barb Thompson


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