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Country Cruisers

Country Cruisers: for more experienced cyclists.

Rides will be every Tuesday , starting time 9am unless otherwise noted. All rides will be on paved roads, with some larger hills. (Epping, Beaver Valley, 19, Pretty River Valley).

Distances of 45 to 65 km/h (and occasionally longer), at a typical speed of 20 - 25 km/h. From May to October (if the weather permits longer).

These rides explore the lovely countryside via main County Roads. We will have a half way (more or less) break, often at a coffee shop.

Rides vary with respect to sweep and regrouping practices.

Rides will starts in various locations so transporting your bike will be necessary.

Details and directions of route will be sent out via email.

Starting the season off with warm up rides, that progress through the season to longer, faster and hillier rides.   

Coordinator: Colleen Wilson-Dick