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Cooking Together

This group is interested in working together to learn more about food and cooking.

The members share any experience or contacts they have and also seek the expertise of non-members.

We choose a different topic for each month (except December) and organize hands-on learning sessions. Every member takes a turn in organizing and hosting as part of a team.

We taste what we make but do not have meals.

The topics this year include sushi, phyllo, cabbage rolls, won tons, strawberry and raspberry related items, Christmas cake, flavoured oils and vinegars, Italian food, meringues, samosas etc.

The organizer(s) determine the approach to be taken to each topic as well as the date and location. If numbers must be limited, participation is on a first come, first served basis.

The cost of each session is shared by those who participate.

For more information, call the coordinators.

Coordinators: Carolyn Leonetti


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