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Casual Dining


TIME: Normally 6:00 for drinks, aiming at a 7:00 dinner, but the host can change time to accommodate time of year or an activity such as a game or a walk prior to the meal.
This could be a roast or other meat portion OR a main course casserole or stew If desired, host may declare a theme e.g. Mexican or Oktoberfest Guests coordinate with the host about bringing a nibbler, salad, veggies or dessert – mostly your choice but if that item is already spoken for by another guest, host may ask for something else. (Call early if it’s important to you).
Note: Normally you will host once a year. Let Marge and Dave know when is best for your turn as well as how many TOTAL you can accommodate indoors in a not formal setting (i.e. plan to use both the kitchen & dining table, or set up card tables etc.  8-12 is good).
What if you can’t host? If your place is simply too small, advise the coordinator and you can help co-host one of the large all-member events.

And if you don’t have time to cook, HEY – come to the party anyway and let PC or the chef at the local bakery or deli do your magic.

Finally: THIS IS NOT A COUPLES CLUB. We have lots of singles, and we also encourage partners to attend alone even if the other half is busy elsewhere.

Coordinators - Marge and Dave Allin


Casual Dining

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