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Canoeing & Kayaking

Welcome to the Canoeing and Kayaking Club

Every other Wednesday from May to September we paddle at a location which is usually about an hour and a half or less from Thornbury.  We visit rivers, lakes and areas of Georgian Bay.  

This is a “casual” level of kayaking, the water we tackle is quite easy to paddle and the outings are about two hours in length.  If conditions aren’t suitable that day at the planned location, we may go to an alternate location.

Sometimes we plan longer day outings to locations a little farther away, such as the Bruce Peninsula.

A schedule for the season is sent out early in May and paddlers will be sent a reminder email a week before each outing.  

Anyone in our group is welcome to offer to lead an “Add A Paddle” outing on any day of  the week, which would be in addition to our Wednesday outings.  These have proven to be popular and give us a chance to get out more often with the group.  If you wish to do so, email the coordinator with the details and an email will be sent to the group members.

The meeting location will be listed in the email.  This may be the Beaver Valley Community Centre in Thornbury, the Big Apple parking lot in Meaford or occasionally at the site of the outing.  Meeting time is 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise indicated. Paddlers have the option of meeting the group at the site of the outing if they live closer to the site than the listed meeting place and are asked to inform the leader of this so the group expects them.

We help each other carry canoes/kayaks in and out of the water when help is needed and we look out for each other on the water.  There will always be a “leader” for the day who will meet everyone at the listed location and organize travel and car shuttles if necessary (sometimes we paddle in and out to the same launch and sometimes we paddle one way only, so we need to shuttle cars and drive people back their car at the end of the outing).

If you don’t own a craft, there are rental options with reasonable prices available at:

Free Spirit Tours (Heathcote)   519 599 2268

Those people who will be renting should call well in advance to ensure a canoe/kayak is available.  We would advise picking up your rental the night before if possible, and you will require an inexpensive roof top kit to transport your canoe.  The kit can be purchased at Canadian Tire at a reasonable cost and will last for several years.  You will also be required by law to carry the following:  PFD, whistle, 15m+ towline, bailer or pump.  If you don’t own these things you’ll need to purchase or borrow them.

Sometimes paddlers with canoes or tandem kayaks may be looking for a paddling partner.  Sometimes singles may be looking for a partner to share rental costs.  If you’re in this situation let the coordinator know and we can send out an inquiry email to club members.

We often go for lunch after an outing and everyone is welcome to join in!

If you have any questions please contact our coordinator Glenda Collings.



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