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Book Club Chapter Four

Book Club Chapter Four is new, just 2 years old. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month from September to June at 2 pm in one another's homes. 

Our meetings are casual, The hostess serves a few nibblies and some tea or coffee. We choose our books by consensus, usually a few months in advance and take turns reviewing a book for the rest of the group.This review can be as formal or casual as the reviewer feels comfortable with. Occasionally no one  reviews it and we just jump right in with discussions. 

Mostly we have been reading novels, memoires and biographies. We are careful to choose books that are not recently published or on waiting lists at the library so that they are readily available for us. 

Currently we have about 12 members and attendance for each meeting ranges from 5-7 members. A number of our members are away for some of the winter months. 

We do have room for a few new members and would aim for a maximum of 9-10 at each meeting in order to allow each of us to participate. 

Happy Summer Reading. 

Coordinator- Cathie Gellatly

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