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Guidelines for Community Announcements

The following guidelines have been established to permit Community Announcements at monthly meetings of the Beaver Valley Probus Club.  

Anyone wishing to have a community announcement presented should contact the President or the Vice-President of the Club prior to the requested announcement date so that we  may adjust the monthly meeting program to accommodate the announcement.

In general, we will attempt to schedule Community Announcements on the requested meeting date but there will be times that this is not possible because of other Probus related activities.

Community announcements  must be of a Social or Fellowship nature, and be

of interest or benefit to the majority of our  members.   

As stared in our constitution:

Because many of our members are currently active in service to the community, the activities of the club are to be directed solely toward acquaintance and fellowship.

The club shall be non-sectarian, non-political and not in competition with any other organization. The club shall not be or appear to be a fund raising or service club.

Notices or Posters may be pinned to the Community Bulletin Board and/or placed on the table located beside the Community Bulletin Board only with the prior knowledge of the President or Vice-President.  All such materials must be removed at the end of the meeting.

Only tickets to Beaver Valley Probus events may be sold at our meetings !

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