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Book Club Chapter Two

Geoff Lowe co-ordinates Group's monthly meetings.  At the conclusion of each meeting, plans are made for future selections, hosts, and meeting times.   A member who promotes a particular book usually becomes the host for that month's meeting.  Dates and times flex to satisfy our current members'  timetables.  Our tastes are eclectic; we're interested in a variety of writing styles and subjects. 
The first year, we selected novels from different continents and different eras.  The second year, we chose American and Canadian 21st Century novels focused on social issues.  We share research information on the author or the book topic, and discuss the relative talent of the author, or our interest in the topic.  Occasionally, we enjoy related videos, snacks and beverages.  The Meeting featuring Rohinton Mistry's "Such a Long Journey," for example, included an east indian curry dinner. 

We are typical Probus Club members:  retired lumberjack, miner, exotic dancer, faith healer, chicken plucker, etc.  (One says she's a retired university professor, but due to her incipient dementia, her statements are often suspect.)  We love to read. If you are interested in joining our group, contact Geoff for the time and location of our next meeting and book selection. 

Coordinator: Geoff Lowe

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